Who We Are

The Tuhourangi Tribal Authority was established in 2006 as the governance entity to receive the assets and proceeds from the Te Pumautanga O Te Arawa Trust who negotiated the historical Treaty of Waitangi Claims of Te Arawa Iwi and hapu.

The Hapu who affiliate to the Tuhourangi Iwi are listed below and have been identified through Whakapapa. The information you supply on this application form will be held on a centralised database under Tuhourangi Tribal Authority Beneficiary Registrations.

Tuhourangi are the iwi comprised of Ngati Wahiao; Ngati Apumoana; Ngati Hinemihi; Ngati Hinganoa; Ngati Huarere; Ngati Kahu Upoko; Ngati Puta; Ngati Taoi; Ngati Te Apiti; Ngati Tionga; Ngati Tukiterangi; Ngati Tumatawera; Ngati Tuohonoa; and Ngati Uruhina.

How We Care For Your Private Information

All personal information will be treated confidentially and no information will be disclosed to third parties without your prior approval or authorisation except as required by law.  As the owner of such information you have the right to view your personal details held on the tribal database during office hours.

How We Check Your Whakapapa

All new registrations will go through a validation process. The validation process will involve mandated members of a validation committee selected to review your details and confirm and make a decision on your application. If your application is not accepted you have the right to a review of that decision. Every attempt will be made to assist those applicants who do not know their hapu/marae and to identify the whakapapa you provide and your linkages to Tuhourangi.

Tribal Membership

Are You Registered?

Be sure that you are registered and kept up to date with all things Tuhourangi.

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